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How does this all work?

Wait, you don’t have time in your overly productive day to call central scheduling and be on hold for 30 minutes to schedule an MBSS? We don’t either. Schedule a FEES by phone, text, or email. Billing? That’s a no-brainer as well. Since the FEES CPT code is considered a Speech Therapy code, we follow Medicare’s Consolidated Billing Guidelines.

My promise is that we will be to you within 1-2 business days from your request. If the family would like to be present, I are always flexible and willing to accommodate. I can come at a time convenient for you. You have productivity standards, I don’t! Also, you are able to bill the 92526 dysphagia treatment code WHILE assisting with the FEES procedure. You are NOT allowed to bill for the time that the scope is in the patient’s nose (usually 15 minutes), but all other time is productive, billable hours. I want you to be present, and I greatly value your input, as you know your patient best!

I always travel with snacks,but I are more than willing to use your kitchen’s food/thickened liquids (withOUT barium paste), as some facilities can differ greatly in their diet consistencies. I can also include ‘special requests’ or actual medication, whatever the patient wants to eat! Is your patient happy consuming the puree diet because he doesn’t want to wear those stupid dentures anymore anyways, but is always stealing the pancakes off his neighbor’s tray at breakfast? Have no fear, pancakes can be trialed!

How many times have you sent your patient out for an MBSS only to have them come back rejoicing that they passed and you’re left scrambling to find out what in the heck diet consistency “passed” means? This is especially fun on a Friday afternoon when no one from medical records at the hospital is answering the phone. I provide a detailed report (including color photos) to you BEFORE I leave. All reports and video recordings are backed up on secured, confidential storage for comparison of studies in future. 

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